Israel cashes in on two more poets

Israel cashes in on two more poets

“Money is a kind of poetry,” Wallace Stevens once said. He would know, as a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and the husband of Elsie Kachel, whose profile is believed to be embossed on the 1916 Mercury dime.The Bank of Israel apparently agrees with Stevens. It has been introducing a new series of banknotes with enhanced security measures, and the theme is Israeli poets. Nathan Alterman is on the new 200 shekel note (worth about $50) and Shaul Tchernichovsky is on the 50 shekel note.

03-6-L-Now the next two notes have been announced.

Rachel Bluwstein, known to Israelis as the poet Rachel, will be on the 20 shekel note. The 100 shekel note will bear the face of Leah Goldberg, a poet who also is known for her classic children’s books, which she both wrote and illustrated.

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