Irrational violence cannot be excused

Irrational violence cannot be excused

The president, the secretary of state, much of the media, and the Jewish Standard are telling us that the cause of the current violence and murder is a film, “Innocence of Muslims,” lasting less than 15 minutes (“Of violence and silence,” Sept. 14). How many commentators have seen it? I would suggest all should see it on the IUnternet.

In the editorial, it was correctly written that “There is nothing surprising about the violence the film has generated…” Instead of the radical Islamists and their mobs being blamed for what we consider irrational, they are excused. It is only some of us that consider their actions, irrational. In their minds they have acted completely rationally. In their minds, insult Allah or Mohammad and you can be severely punished, including death.

Our government tries to portray those who seek our subjugation as friendly people who just have a different lifestyle that we must understand and allow to continue.

In the editorial we are told that the violence is certain, if certain products are produced that the Islamists find objectionable. What a condemnation of a large segment of the world.

They urge authorities to launch hate crimes investigations against the makers of the film. I don’t remember the Jewish Standard calling for hate crimes investigations against the artists who created works of art that were anti-Christian and exhibited in a New York museum. Should Christians riot and murder to show their displeasure?

Demonstrations began on Sept. 11, yet few in our government would link the attacks to 9/11. No linkage, just the reaction to a film we were told. When will they shout out, “the film was an excuse.” The time has come to stop coddling those who seek to destroy our way of life and us.