Inclusive Chanukah minyan for families with specialized needs

Inclusive Chanukah minyan for families with specialized needs

Makor Disability Services and Teaneck’s Congregation Rinat Yisrael will host an inclusive minyan for people with specialized needs and their families, friends, and fans. It will be on the seventh day of Chanukah, Sunday, December 5, at Rinat’s 9 a.m. Shacharit service.

“So many people with specialized needs are excluded from davening with a minyan because they might appear to others to be disruptive, either because of the sounds they make or because they need to walk around a bit, or because they might needs a little extra attention,” Dr. Stephen Glicksman, the director of clinical innovation for Makor Disability Services and a member of Congregation Rinat Yisrael, said. “Others may attend shul but haven’t been offered an aliyah since their bar mitzvah. There may be families that rarely have the opportunity to daven together. This minyan aims to give everyone, with and without specialized needs, boys and girls, men and women, the opportunity to pray together in a welcoming, accessible, sensory-aware atmosphere.”

Rinat’s Rabbi Chaim Strauchler said, “We are excited to join Makor in hosting an inclusive Chanukah minyan for families with specialized needs. We strive to make all our services open to everyone — but we know that a regular service can be challenging. Chanukah is about spreading awareness for the small miracles. There are miracles in each of our lives. We often just need to be helped to see them. May this special davening opportunity help all of us do so just a little more.”

“We chose Chanukah because there are a lot of opportunities for participation (and because we’ll get to eat donuts), and we are trying to get the word out early so that if people need to practice making the brachot or leading part of the service, they have the time to prepare,” Dr. Glicksman said. “Registration is not required but is strongly suggested so we can make sure to meet everyone’s needs.”

To register, go to or call Makor at (718) 853-0900, ext. 358.

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