In this case, shoot first

In this case, shoot first

It is true that war is hell and a conventional war in the Middle East could do great damage to Israel in many ways. But what of a nuclear war between Iran and Israel? Multiply the horror of conventional war by a hundredfold! Forget about Israel’s economy collapsing in a conventional war. Worry about Israel disappearing in a nuclear one. A conventional war, no mater how devastating, is better than a second Holocaust.

Neville Chamberlain’s “peace in our time” appeasement diplomacy led to World War Two with greater loss of lives, greater destruction of property, and destruction of the economy. It is important not to permit President Barack Obama’s appeasement diplomacy to lead to a nuclear war between Iran and us (Israel, the United States, the NATO countries, and probably several Arab states).

Now is the time to discuss how to prevent a nuclear Iran. The only way we will know for certain that diplomacy failed is when Iran drops a nuclear bomb on Israel – and that is much, much too late. It is better to err for our legitimate self interests and security.

Of course, this issue calls for civil and serious discussions and debate in Washington and in the electoral politics. The Obama administration’s foreign policy regarding Iran and other foreign policy issues must be debated. It is important for the presidential candidates and for all Americans to have their say. We, Americans, have a stake in this issue that includes the security of our ally Israel but goes far beyond that issue. Our own vital interests are at stake.

Only Israel should and does have a say about their future actions. Only America should and does have a say about our future actions. Our goals are the same. Our actions should be the same: a cooperative, coordinated, and united action to prevent a nuclear Iran.