In praise of Bat Torah

In praise of Bat Torah

Thank you to Josh Lipowsky for including the base tuition in our local day schools in his June 5 article on the tuition crisis. As a parent of a senior at Bat Torah (as well as an incoming freshman), I have been asked by friends to explain how the tuition there can be less than half the average at the other yeshiva high schools. Truthfully, I simply don’t know. As a very satisfied parent of three Moriah School children, where tuition is more in line with other schools, I was admittedly skeptical as well.

However Bat Torah manages to keep costs down, it certainly is not by compromising on the quality of the education. The faculty is uniformly excellent, and the school offers all of the standard courses, with multiple tracks, including many advanced placement courses and a choice of foreign languages, art, music, and co-curricular activities. The young women graduating Bat Torah score as well on standardized tests as students from the other local eshivot. They also attend the same seminaries in Israel and colleges as their peers.

While the advertising industry has sold millions of Americans on the idea that “more expensive” is synonymous with “better,” in this case, that equation does not apply to Jewish education.