In defense of Sarah Palin

In defense of Sarah Palin

I have to ask you about your journalistic standards. Do you accept and publish everything Patrick Buchanan says as fact? While Buchanan makes claims of her support, Sarah Palin never did. On the contrary, she went on the record in 1999 to correct that rumor, and she was at that time a supporter of Steve Forbes. If Buchanan chose to call her a member of his brigade, how does that give you the right to publish an editorial putting her into the “amen corner” of Jew-haters? That’s disgusting. Her clear record on supporting Israel and local Jewish causes is very easily available to you, and you should have checked before printing that shameful slime. Will you be running such an editorial about Obama? If such a spurious link to Buchanan is enough for you to categorize her so hatefully, then I ask you to explain in another editorial the implication of Obama’s very strong links over years with committed anti-American terrorists and criminals.

Now you are saying that this is not about experience but agendas, even though you didn’t comment at all in the editorial about her agendas. You, dear editor, explicitly brought up the experience issue, when you noted her “mere” 20 months as governor. Your article is replete with these flimsy associations, specious “links,” and insults. You derisively call her a “bright-eyed Alaskan,” but Obama, with much less governing experience, you say looks like “an elder statesman.” Some of your reported “links” were based on liberal rumors that you were anxious to pass on to your readers.

I wonder why you think her conservative politics are Christian? Is it that she wants to cut taxes to spur creation of jobs? Do you seek bigger government and pork-barrel spending? Are you convinced that Obama’s health plan is better than McCain’s? Maybe your association with the Christian right is about abortion. Many Jewish Orthodox sources also protect the life of a viable fetus, allowing abortions only if it is a “rodef” (potentially risking the mother’s life).

Clearly, you despise her conservative values and are ready to forgo basic journalistic standards in order to jump on rumors and innuendo to smear her. Meanwhile, you are giving a pass to the the “elder statesman” whose religious values were formed more than 20 years in an America-bashing, venomous church, who switched his position in less than 24 hours on an undivided Jerusalem, who wants to meet unconditionally with terrorists dedicated to Israel’s destruction, and who has no record of material legislative accomplishment or governance.

What are our “Jewish Standards” when you allow your liberal views to publicly and falsely smear the character of a decent person with whom you disagree?