In defense of Sarah Palin

In defense of Sarah Palin

One problem with many liberals is the apparent need to demonize political opponents; one who differs with “progressive” wisdom must be either stupid or evil. You question Sarah Palin’s qualifications for vice president? Fine. You disagree with her views on many issues? Fine. But where do you come off calling her a “nightmare”? Because she’s not the female candidate of your liberal dreams? By any reasonable measure she is an articulate, accomplished person who challenged powerful entrenched interests and defeated far better known political figures to become governor of her state, “sparsely populated” or not (Alaska’s population is comparable to that of Joe Biden’s Delaware). Your nasty name-calling reflects more on you than on her.

You cite another writer that there is a 10 percent statistical chance that McCain, at 72, may die in a few years. But that also means there is a 90 percent chance he will not. Unfortunately, far younger people also die every day. I’ll be watching to see whether you consult your actuarial tables before endorsing 84-year-old Sen. Lautenberg for re-election.

You also cite liberal pundit Jonathan Alter asking, “What does [Palin] know about Iranian nukes, the Arab-Israeli conflict or the future of entitlement programs?” The answer, of course, is that Alter doesn’t know, and neither do you. Simply asking a leading, presumptuous question does not answer it. Doesn’t she deserve a chance to respond before she’s condemned?

Finally, you assert that in view of Palin’s level of experience, Sen. Obama “looks like an elder statesman in comparison.” Sorry, that’s one transformation that no political magician could manage.