In defense of letter-writer

In defense of letter-writer

In defense of

I take great exception to the Nov. 7 attacks on Jack Albalah. I read both the Herald News and The Record, and recognize Mr. Albalah as one of a handful of people who regularly try to make a difference in Israel advocacy. Having read Mr. Albalah’s comments for years, I can say that “demagogue” is about the last comment that should be applied to him. His critics should be ashamed.

In a broader sense, the local Jewish community – or, more accurately, “community” – consists of many thousands of individuals, many of whom are quite prominent. If we could get as much as 1 percent of our community regularly involved in Israel advocacy, the Zionist enterprise would not be in the shambles it is today. Unfortunately, it seems that a crummy 1 percent is far too optimistic.

We do, however, “boast” any number of individuals who flatter their sense of self-righteousness by sniffling on cue every time a telegenic tyke on the west bank gets a hangnail. They fancy themselves not parochial but broadminded and humanitarian. There are any number of individuals who are happy to assure the world that Israel, by far the Middle East’s most progressive society, is just awful awful awful, to the extent that spectacular repression in places like Zimbabwe and Darfur is all but ignored while billions of dollars are dumped on the (sniffle sniffle) Palestinians.

I can’t imagine why so many of our young people are so confused, but then again I’m not sarcastic either.