I want a Jewish president!

I want a Jewish president!

Re two articles in the February 20 story, “When rabbis won’t speak about Israel” and “Town tackles decline in civility,” I have several thoughts.

Firstly, I feel that Israel and Jews everywhere have enough critics without the American Jewish communities – which include the rabbis and their congregations – adding to it. Even so, rabbis certainly should address issues and promote dialogue. They should encourage civil discourse even if there is disagreement – and rabbis must insist on civility.

Secondly, the Jewish communities should strike back, verbally and in print, at anti-Semitic and anti-Israel policies, respectfully but not timidly. There are so many Jewish organizations, but none speaks out strongly to the general public (i.e. the mainstream media) when it comes to anti-Israel policies. There seems to be a fear of being perceived as not being objective.

Should that be our concern when Israel’s very existence is being threatened?

And finally, why don’t we promote the idea of a Jewish president? We have had a Catholic president and an African-American president. There is the possibility of a female and/or Hispanic president. Why not a Jewish president?