Hypocrisy alert

Hypocrisy alert

A rocket lands five miles from Ben Gurion Airport and the FAA places a 24-hour restriction on U.S. flag carriers flying into Israel. The Obama administration just played right into the hands of the Hamas terrorists.

All these Hamas terrorists have to do is feign an attack, fire a couple of rockets, and the Obama administration jumps to a knee-jerk reaction, knowing full well that it can destroy Israel’s economy.

There is an attitude in our government and our mainstream press that has put Israelis’ lives in danger. The terrorists know that if they strike Israel and Israel responds, the call will be for Israel to use restraint.

Ban Ki Moon calls Israel’s defensive actions atrocious and then slaps Hamas on the wrist. Hamas hides its weapons in mosques, hospitals, and residential neighborhoods. When Israel attempts a surgical strike, civilians are the victims. Hamas and the world then condemn Israel for civilian casualties, but no one condemns Hamas for using human shields.

Pictures in the Record continue to show Palestinian civilians and little children affected by the retaliation. Pictures of children clutching stuffed animals amongst the rubble are common. But very little is said about Hamas using these innocents to cover their own cowardly backsides.

And then our government becomes complicit in the attack on Israel by prohibiting our flag carriers from flying into Israel, doing serious harm to the county’s tourism industry.

Obama has shown – despite some rhetoric – that he is no friend of Israel. He has shown that leeway to him means surrender.

It’s time for our government to totally disavow terrorism and for our news media to start using balance in its reporting.