“Hug Me” Video Breaks the Ice with New Yorkers

“Hug Me” Video Breaks the Ice with New Yorkers

A Jewish comedian wrapped in bubble wrap hits New York's city streets with a goal in mind: getting strangers to hug him while brightening their day. And it works.

24-year-old Meir Kalmanson of Crown Heights, New York  is the founder and creative Director of AMK Productions. Kalmanson is somewhat famous for his YouTube Video, “High Five New York” that got over 2 million hits. In the clip, he is seen giving high fives to pedestrians in the streets of Brooklyn, NY hailing cabs.

In his “Hug Me” video, Kalmanson has wrapped himself in bubble wrap. He holds a sign saying the words, “Hug Me.” The reactions of pedestrians passing by is priceless. He is hugged countless times and even has his bubbles popped.

His videos send a message loud and clear:  Everyone should just smile and  be happy.

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