Honoring Sir Georg Solti

Honoring Sir Georg Solti

Honoring Sir George Solti

Sir Georg Solti is the subject of an admiring series of articles in the November BBC magazine.
Solti was born 100 years ago, in 1912, and died in 1997.
He was one of a legendary trio of conductors during the years 1960-1970, the other two being Leonard Bernstein and Herbert von Karajan. (Solti won many more Grammy awards than the other two.)
He was also a gifted pianist, and some of his recordings are still available.
His conducting career began at the Stuttgart Opera, then on to the Munich Opera, and then to the Chicago Symphony, where he remained for 22 years, and to Covent Garden.
Solti’s name was originally Stern Gyorgy, and he was a Jewish native of Hungary. After World War II, the family name was changed to Solti because the new state required all citizens to have Hungarian names.

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