Holocaust Survivor Saving Christians From ISIS

Holocaust Survivor Saving Christians From ISIS

A British Jewish Holocaust Survivor Is funding the rescue of thousands of Syrian Christians from ISIS.

A British Jew who fled Austria as a child during World War II is trying to prevent more evil and destruction in the world. He escaped Hitler by exiting on the Kindertransport Train bound for Britain. The children traveled alone without their parents as the trains left Nazi controlled Europe. Most of never saw their parents again.

Lord Weidenfeld is now 95 years old and a successful publisher. Because of what happened to him in his childhood, he says he has a debt to repay. He himself was clothed and nurtured by a Quaker family that adopted him when he arrived in Britain.

Lord Weidenfeld has now funded the rescue of 2,000 Syrian Christians, helping them flee ISIS, the Islamic State. His charitable organization helps Middle Eastern Christians get back on their feet for periods from 12 to 18 months.

The video above gives an incredible look at Lord Weidenfeld.

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