His heart’s not bleeding

His heart’s not bleeding

In response to Shammai Englemayer’s September 13 column (“My children are dying): Enough with the bleeding hearts.

None of us want to see war. We don’t want anyone to be gassed and the use of chemical weapons by Assad earns him the death penalty. But the Torah predicted that the warlike and murderous people who inhabit the Middle East would have “their hand against everyone,” including each other.

At the moment, they are killing each other in Libya, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and who knows where else. These are the same people who murder their daughters who have had the misfortune of getting raped. These are the people who rejoice when a suicide bomber goes into a Jerusalem pizza store and kills innocent men, women, children and infants. These are people who have killed and maimed so many of our soldiers. These are the same people who stood across the river from the collapsing World Trade Center towers and danced and congratulated the perpetrators.

Yes, God does not want levity and singing when his children are dying, but he is the same God who demands that we eradicate evil. If it wants to eradicate itself, even better.