Hip for tzedakah

Hip for tzedakah

What’s has four legs, is colorful and shiny, and helps raise money for a good cause?

Why, a Tzedakapotamus, of course!

It’s a nine inch long tzedakah box labeled with two slogans, “hippos for justices!” and “three cheers for giving!”

The Tzedakapotamus is the creation of Lisa Pierce, a Maine artist who sells them at her online store, etsy.com/shop/thevanillastudio. Ms. Pierce has taken nondescript hollow plastic toys, cut a hole in their backs, painted them, added a stopper, and voila! A beautiful charity box.

03-4-L-MenorasaurusThe Tzedakapotamus collection — now available in orange, green, blue, and purple — joins earlier creations from Ms. Pierce, including Menorasaurus Rex, a lizard mezuzah holder, and dinosaur candlesticks.

“Why a hippopotamus?” we asked.

“Why not hippos?,” Ms. Pierce replied.


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