‘Hilarious Hebrew’ makes vocabulary a pun-ishing affair

‘Hilarious Hebrew’ makes vocabulary a pun-ishing affair

Sometimes, bold educational efforts require ridiculous measures.

What could be bolder than learning a foreign language? How to keep all the new vocabulary words in mind? How to juggle new nouns, verbs, and adjectives in an already-brimming brain?

03-3-B-V-hebrew-earFor those looking to boost their Hebrew skills, a recent book, “Hilarious Hebrew,” has come the rescue.

It pairs 235 Hebrew words with bad puns tying together their English meaning, often illustrated with a cartoon.

For example: “DUDE!!! You totally fixed my BOILER” teaches that the Hebrew word for boiler is dood.

Or: “What a lovely HOUSE! I think I’m going to BUY IT,” reminds us that the Hebrew word for house is bayit.

It was created by two Israelis living in Brighton, England: Eyal Shavit and Yael Breuer. The illustrations are by a non-Israeli Brit, Aubrey Smith.

03-3-A-V-hebrew-shukLike any overactive punster’s attempts, some efforts are strained. “Where is the NEWSPAPER? I left IT ON the table” elides the short O of on with the long O of the Hebrew iton.

So sure, when it comes to being proper on Hebrew pronunciation, you might find a safer book. But you won’t find a funnier one. Recommended for anyone willing to risk some groaners in the quest to boost Hebrew vocabulary for themselves or their students.

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