High tech at He’atid

High tech at He’atid

You ran a very informative piece on new educational tools revolving around technology in our local day schools (“Learning Hebrew interactively,” Nov. 30). While the reporting was commendable, I found it odd that the article paid no homage to the school that is spearheading this approach. Yeshivat He’atid (literally, the yeshiva of the future) is using the blended learning model not only to enhance our children’s minds, but to propel them into 21st-century technology.

I think the other local day schools are borrowing a page from He’atid’s handbook by incorporating these tutorials into their curriculums, whereas He’atid has built an entire school using technology-based learning. To quote He’atid’s webpage: “Blended Learning is a blend of face-to-face and online instruction. Hybrid models allow educators to tailor their teaching, using technology and face-to-face learning, in a way that is not possible in the traditional classroom model. Technology often allows for better performance tools such as real-time feedback for teachers.”

So while as the parent of a He’atid student I can agree about the great strides made by online learning, I was disappointed that your article failed to recognize He’atid’s contribution in this area of Jewish education. They are pioneers in their format and teaching style as well as being creative financially. Typical tuition is upwards of 40 percent less than that of other area day schools, and He’atid is providing our children with a key edge they will need in society’s craving for the latest evolving technology.