Henry Taub, 1927-2011

Henry Taub, 1927-2011

Lautenberg remembers Taub as a man who "helped robustly"

Sen. Frank Lautenberg File photo

Sen. Frank Lautenberg said in a telephone interview on Tuesday that his longtime friend and former business partner Henry Taub was “distinguished by modesty and humility.” He was “concerned about all human beings,” not merely those who “had status and wealth,” Lautenberg continued. He was “very respectful” of those who needed help – and he “helped robustly.”

Taub was “devoted to the city of Paterson,” Lautenberg noted, creating “a program to help revitalize the economy and quality of life there. We were both fond of our roots in Paterson, both from poor immigrant families, and he had great concern for those who needed assistance. Whether fighting for better health or better education, Henry’s always been in the forefront.”

Lautenberg, who has been in the Senate for 27 years, said that “much of what I work on is a result of the honesty and decency and intelligence of Henry Taub, a reminder of all the time I spent with him and was able to learn from him, as well as my own instincts as what we should do as Jewish people.

“We’re very committed to our heritage, and that means a support of Jewish causes” as well as being “constantly concerned about the strength and the viability of the Jewish people.

“To save one life,” he added, “is as to save a nation.

“I believe in that, as did Henry Taub.”

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