Hearing an unfiltered Netanyahu

Hearing an unfiltered Netanyahu

I have just read the February 23, 2015 letter sent to Prime Minister Netanyahu, inviting him to speak at a closed-door meeting with Democratic senators sent by Senators Durbin and Feinstein. The letter complains that the invitation to speak at a joint session of Congress was damaging to the bipartisan support that Israel enjoys.

I find this ironic, since I have not read of Republican requests for Democrats not to attend but have read of Democrats calling for their members not to “boycott” but to “find something else to do” instead of attending. There also are reports that members of the Black Congressional Caucus were specifically requested to absent themselves.

There are those attempting to make it a racial issue by claiming that the prime minister of Israel is dissing the black president of the United States by presenting his interpretation of what should be done about the Iranian march to nuclear weapons.

I would suggest that Netanyahu agree to a meeting with Democrats after his speech to the Congress but request that it be on the record, if not an open meeting. What would they be afraid of coming out in the open?

It seems the only split between the U.S. and Israel is between Obama and his administration but not between members of Congress or the American people.

I hope that the Netanyahu speech will be broadcast live by the television and radio media in the United States, so that we can hear what he has to say without any editing.