Hear me vent

Hear me vent

What are the things that drive you crazy? The things that make you want to scream and throttle something? Are there a lot of things? Just a few? Are you a calm and reasonable person? One who is able to look the other way and just smile?

Have you ever just told someone what you really felt about them? And if you did, did it make you feel better? I am asking for a friend…. In any event, this column is going to have a “venting” quality to it. Forget about quality, I am going to be using the next few hundred words to vent about some things that drive me crazy. Or drive me crazier than I already am.

The other day I was taking my Strudel for a walk. We were meeting my friend who I try to walk with every week, so Strudel and I were really looking forward to catching up with her after the Passover holiday. I pulled into a parking spot at Votee Park. There was one car parked on my left and an empty spot on my right. I did this on purpose, because Strudel is on the right and I have to take out her whole stroller-carseat contraption thing. That is a whole other column, as the stroller-carseat contraption thing weighs more than Strudel’s mother and I have no idea how she lifts it, but that is for another time.

Let me set the scene for you again. One car, my car, empty spot, another car, and then three or four empty spots. Got it?

I start to get out of my car in order to get Strudel out, and a large SUV pulls into the empty spot on my right and parks over the white line. Now I can no longer get Strudel out of the car. In fact, when the entitled skinny chick got out of her car, she had to squeeze out of the driver’s side, because if she opened her door all the way, it would have dented my car. I am watching this happen, and I say, “I have to get my baby out of the car.” And the entitled skinny chick says, “Oh, I will just be a minute. I am just going to pick up my son.”

And she leaves me standing there, with no possible way of getting Strudel out of the car. It was a warm day, and the car was hot without the air conditioning on so I kept my door and the other accessible door open so Strudel wouldn’t melt and I stood there with my mouth open, staring at the entitled skinny chick as she proceeded to take five minutes (I timed it) to get her kid (I won’t call him entitled because I don’t know him and all kids are adorable unless they prove otherwise) and squeeze him and then herself back into the car. No apology. No “Thank you for standing out here like an idiot while I went to get my kid, even though there were plenty of empty spots that I could have parked in that wouldn’t have inconvenienced you.”

Really? Really??? It’s a good thing that Strudel is so adorable and she makes everything better or I would have had strong words with the entitled skinny chick. That Strudel is such a mitzvah girl. Has anything like that ever happened to you? What is wrong with people?

And then there is this little anecdote. There is a restaurant in town that stays in business even though most people complain about the service. Well, ladies and gentleman, I am done with this restaurant. Why? I will tell you. Picture this. It is your friend’s birthday, and you want to have dinner at your house. There are three of you, and you decide to order from the local restaurant. Two of you spend over 20 minutes unsuccessfully trying to order from the website. No one answers the phone. No one answers your texts. No one answers your emails. Why? Because no one cares, and they know that people will still go to their restaurant.

Well, not this person. And I eat a lot, so that is a big loss for them, pun intended. So much for customer service. Wow, venting really does make you feel better! Thanks for listening. Hope you take my insurance.

Banji Ganchrow of Teaneck has so many other things that drive her crazy, but this week’s torah portion (or maybe it was last week’s) is about not holding grudges. A girl can dream….

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