Healthy beach snacking for kids

Healthy beach snacking for kids

“Ma, I’m hungry!” Well, of course.

Sun, sand, surf, and your kid is going to flex his or her appetite at the beach. I remember our Sunday summer beach jaunts and the food that was packed as a late picnic lunch or snack. Cheese sandwiches (processed American yellow/orange stuff), made with a slather of butter or mayo, and either sliced tomato or cucumber on rye bread. Those sandwiches were yummy, but also, I remember, less fondly, the slight crunch the sandwiches had when grains of sand mixed in with the sandwich innards or on the bread and I got some beach into my bites.

It is tricky, but possible to have realistic and healthy beach snacks for your kids.

Yogurt pouches

These are handy and are pretty much healthy. The kids like them and the containable squeeze pouches are an easy eat-and-throwaway. Keep in a cooler or eat early on in your beach trip.

Plantain chips and pretzels

A healthier alternative to potato chips. As another option, there are other “healthy” chips made of chickpea, cassava flour, or other seemingly good-for-you options. These chips alleviate the guilt, slightly. Pretzels in various shapes and flavors are always a good pick.

Granola or granola bars

Another good choice and sustainable on the beach trip. Lots of healthy goodies hear. If you make your own, you can tailor to your kids’ tastes. Just watch things like chocolate, which will melt in the heat and sun.


Hands down, a favorite. Spice up with spices, or just salt, or just eat plain. Full of fiber and crunch. Keeps your kids full until dinner.


Apples are always a great snack choice. However, when it comes to the beach, non-sliced apples are also one of the simplest things to throw in a bag. If your kids demand slices, slice them ahead of time and then use a rubber band to hold the slices on the core. It makes it easier to travel with and keeps the slices from browning. You can read more about it in this post.

Dried fruit

All dried fruits are not created equal. In fact, some dried fruits are very sticky. The best options to be dried apples, apricots, bananas, pineapple rings and pears. These will often be better for the beach. Things like gooey raisins, mango or some of the other will have sand sticking to them.


If your kids are not allergic, nuts can be a great choice for the beach. Nuts can be a good way to get in a helping of protein. They’re really filling too. Just don’t bring anything you have to shell at the beach.


Sometimes it can be difficult to take fresh fruit to the beach. Due to the juicy nature or the texture of it, it can be a nightmare. But grapes work really well since the fruit portion is encased. You can also try them frozen too for a fun snack.


If you must do a sandwich, wraps are a good self-contained option. If you wrap in in foil, plastic wrap or even paper, one, little hand can hold it without touching the food on the inside — and perhaps avoid the sandman creeping into the snack.

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