Health is based on Jewish law

Health is based on Jewish law

Kudos to Rabbi Engelmayer for his scholarly article on health issues based on the law of Torah, from proper eating habits to exercise (“Healthy halachah,” Aug. 17). I value his wisdom and knowledge.

I would like to add that in addition to dietary laws, health, and exercise, the Torah also refers to the rules of etiquette at formal meals. For example, in order to prevent swallowing the wrong way, it would be forbidden to speak during a meal. We should respect food since it is our sustenance.

An important dimension to the rules of derekh eretz (“the way of the world”) is the obligation cited in the Torah to respect our parents. (“Honor thy father and thy mother.”)

The etiquette and customs of the Talmud guide us on how we learn to direct our lives. The wisdom in the Torah of the Jewish people, more than 3,000 years old, teaches us our values and responsibilities.

Thank you, Rabbi Engelmayer, for your wonderful writings, which we can all learn from and put into action.

Grace Jacobs

Cliffside Park