Have booth, can travel

Have booth, can travel

A sukkah on the back of a giant truck in a Teaneck front lawn — that, you know, sounds crazy

A sukkah in Teaneck is not an unlikely sight.

A sukkah on the back of a giant truck — that, you know, sounds crazy.

It certainly excited the curiosity of children and other passersby during the holiday.

We wish we could give you the whole story but we have to go to press without it.

We do know who the sukkah belongs to: Dr. Robert Grunstein, the dentist whose travels to Africa with his daughter Kayla we profiled earlier this year. (To refresh your memory, they fixed many teeth and hurt no lions.)

We do remember that Dr. Grunstein is fond of spectacular vehicles: He bought a used firetruck and turned it into a moving dental clinic.

But does he own this truck? Why did he decided to give sukkah wheels? We’ll have to get back to you on that.


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