Has Bob Dylan been reading Time Magazine again?

Has Bob Dylan been reading Time Magazine again?

Bob Dylan has had a long and storied relationship with Time Magazine. ranging from insulting a reporter at a press conference in1965 to borrowing prose for his 2004 memoir Chronicles. Now, the Dylan-Time Magazine relationship has resurfaced, with the release of a track list of his forthcoming album “Tempest,” due in September.

The first song on the album is entitled “Duquesne Whistle,” which appears to be a reference to a 1933 Time Magazine article that begins:

Duquesne is a little Pennsylvania steel town, twelve miles up the
Monongahela River from Pittsburgh. For two years its 21,000
inhabitants watched the tires die in the blast furnaces one by one.
Then for two more years the furnaces were cold. Duquesne called it
Depression. One day last week, Duquesne whistles shrieked, Duquesne
bells clanged. Followed by the city council and most of the leading
businessmen. Mayor Crawford marched into the local works of Carnegie
Steel Co., picked up a long iron blow pipe, thrust the red-hot tip
through a hole in a furnace, igniting…

For the rest of the article, Time Magazine subscribers can follow this link. Let us know what you find, will you?

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