Happy Yom Ha’Atzmut!

Happy Yom Ha’Atzmut!

And how should we best mark Israel’s 62nd birthday?

Why, with food of course!

Tonight The Big Lipowsky is heading to the Moriah School in Englewood, where the eighth-grade class is building what they hope will be the world’s largest falafel sandwich. Butterflake Bakery in Teaneck has donated a pita 5 ft. in diameter and Petak’s in Fair Lawn is donating all the fillings. The Big Lipowsky will be on hand to witness the feat and you can read about it in the FYI column in Friday’s issue.

Lebanon and Israel have been warring over hummus for a few years now. Last year, Iron Chef Bobby Flay took to the streets of New York’s Village for a falafel throwdown, which he surprisingly won (he was as shocked as everybody else). Well, the folks down at Birthright Next decided to see who makes the best hummus in New York. On Thursday, some of the best hummus chefs in the city will gather at Reunion at 38 W. 13th St. for a hummus throwdown. The chickpeas will be flying as these chefs battle it out and The Big Lipowsky will be there sacrificing for you and tasting each one. Full report here on Friday.

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