Graduations at five Sinai schools

Graduations at five Sinai schools

In June, teachers, family, and friends gathered to celebrate Sinai students as they graduated from schools across the Sinai family. Graduation is just one meaningful example of the school’s philosophy of inclusion by design, and it displays how Sinai students are part of their partner schools’ communities.

Benjy Stock, who just graduated from Sinai Maor at RKYHS, wrote the poem below. It expressed the universal message of bittersweet endings and the excitement and unknown of new beginnings.


by Benjy Stock

Here we are, folks, here we all are at the end
We’ve accomplished much, friends, we’re about to ascend
To the world, with all of its merits and perks,
With its follies and foes, and the rest of its quirks.
When we leave this room, the future arrives
And we’re all simply in for the time of our lives
We’ll be kings, captains of industry, science
Not needing reliance in order to thrive.
There are so, oh so many things to recap
So let’s go for a lap down old memory lane
and I beg, all of my friends to give ear
‘Cause like tears in rain, memories like these will never come again…
And we all will go far from here
And while fate will divide us
There’s a school at the heart of it all
and that will unite us.

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