Gov. Christie wrong about medical marijuana

Gov. Christie wrong about medical marijuana

I was saddened to learn about Jewish Leaders for Christie, and to read your report of the recent Teaneck Jewish councilmen’s further endorsing of him (“On Tuesday, the governor campaigned,” September 6). A law was presented by the previous legislature and signed by the previous governor with provisions for medical marijuana for the people in the state suffering from chemo, MS, various cancers, AIDS, glaucoma, and many other conditions that cause severe pain. Cannabis is the best medicine for many people with those conditions. Yet all Christie has done has been to ruin this program; to this day, nearly four years later, there is only one open dispensary for medical marijuana, and it cannot handle the demand from the entire state. A relative of mine, who is undergoing chemo for cancer, was told not to expect to get any medical cannabis.

This is the type of behavior, which clearly causes real harm, that makes me ashamed that this man is our governor and enjoys such popular support.

At the very least, I urge those council members who had such wide smiles when they were with him, to at least study this issue, take the moral ground, and demand that he end all his roadblocks, and take a more favorable approach to cannabis in this state. Indeed, polls show that a vast majority of New Jersey residents want medical cannabis and decriminalization, so that our police stop wasting time on petty possession arrests, which do happen, weekly.