Fundraiser praised

Fundraiser praised

Your recent article on the Friends of the IDF kiddush/fundraiser, jointly undertaken by Congregation Bnai Yeshurun’s men’s club and Congregation Beth Sholom in Teaneck (“Building bridges by breaking bread,” April 12) , was inspiring and perfectly conveyed the fraternal spirit that the organizers intended for the event. I participated, as a Bnai Yeshurun member, in the preparation for the kiddush and the serving of loads of food and was overwhelmed by the gratitude and appreciation that the Beth Sholom members showered on us and by the overall warmth, camaraderie, and niceness that permeated the occasion. There were no politics, no us vs. them, no right or wrong; just a good old-time type gathering of like-minded souls interested in supporting the Israel Defense Forces and drinking and eating to excess.

I congratulate the leadership of the organizations for making this happy connection happen and all the participants for the outstanding success that the event turned out to be.

Looking forward to the next one!!