Full house in Wayne

Full house in Wayne

Vashti's Song

Vashti’s Song (to the tune of I Will Survive)

by Beth Julie


At first I was afraid I was petrified

Appear stark naked at the feast by Achashverosh’s side

Drinking wine for days and days,
Living in a drunken haze

He was high – my king –
My Achashverosh guy


He was a mess, a drunken lout

For my appearance in his court he couldn’t help but shout

He flailed his arms jumped up and down, wanted me with just my crown

I want to cry, to leave this place
before I die

I must survive! Can I survive?

Appear stark naked out in public, that I’ll not abide

My birthday suit is just no good, to cover all the things it should

For Shushan’s queen, this type of thing is just obscene


It took all the strength I had not to
fall apart

King Achashverosh broke my pride and shattered my poor heart

I cannot live in such a land, With such
a chauvinistic man

He makes me cry, And want to shout
until I die


Reject this place, walk out the door

Keep all my clothes on and reject the place that I adore

I should return the castle key, and grab this moment to be free

I must survive, I will survive

I must now go, walk out the door

Not turn around now, I’m not welcome anymore

He will change the castle locks, might send an army after me

I must leave this very moment in my struggle to be free

I must survive, I will survive

I will leave the feast behind and hold on to my pride

I’ve got all my life to live, and have so much love to give

I will survive, I will survive

I willlll sur-vive!!!

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