Frum Vegas cop wins lawsuit

Frum Vegas cop wins lawsuit

An Orthodox police detective in Las Vegas won a lawsuit against the department after he was told he could not wear his yarmulke or keep his beard.

The Associated Press reports that plainclothes Detective Steve Riback would be allowed to have a neatly trimmed beard no longer than a quarter inch and can wear a either a plain baseball cap with no logo or a department logo. Detective Riback will also receive $350,000 from the department and he has agreed not to seek out a promotion or a transfer for two years.

I am reminded about Joel Witriol, the Brooklyn chassid who joined the police force in 2006. He was allowed to keep his peyot as long as he kept them up around his ears and he got exemptions for Shabbat and holidays. I dug up a New York Post article from when Witriol graduated the academy called The Kosher Cop.

Does anybody know what’s become of Officer Witriol? I’ll start digging and get back to you.

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