From the office to the Table

From the office to the Table

The worst of times

Helping bring Homeland Security grants to northern New Jersey was the highlight of Alan Sweifach’s career at the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey.

But what was the lowlight?

“My worst moment was two months after I started here in Federation. I had picked up doing the demographic study we were doing. We had hired the contractor, hired the workers, had paid over $100,000 to the demographers, had publicized that the survey was taking place at such-and-such a time – and then Verizon told me they needed one month’s notice to hook up the telephone lines and the date was in three weeks. I thought all Verizon had to do was to flick a switch. Really, Verizon had to assign telephone numbers to all the lines.

“And they told me that would take a month.

“I thought I was going to lose my job two months after I started.”

But his wife worked at Verizon.

“It took my wife’s connections to get all the lines all done,” he said.

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