From Hassidism to Communism to Taking on Stalin

From Hassidism to Communism to Taking on Stalin

A son leaves his traditional Hassidic roots and becomes a Communist - he then has to run away from Stalin. An Amazing tale.

Elliott (Elye) Palevsky, former CEO of River Garden senior services and child of Yiddish-speaking partisan fighters, was interviewed by Christa Whitney on March 15, 2013 in St. Augustine, Florida for the Yiddish Book Center.

Elliot’s uncle Yankl came from a Hassidic, politically active, family. Elliot explains in the interview that when a person changes direction and becomes secular, his religious fervor usually disappears. With his uncle, Yankl, it was different.

Yankl and Elliot’s father had more of a strained relationship. Yankl survived the war but committed a number of crimes against Stalin. As a result, he was wanted dead. His brother sought him and told him that he needed to escape. But instead of running away,  Yankl mocked his brother for telling him silly political tales.

Watch this very interesting interview.

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