Frisch strikes back at Rambam

Frisch strikes back at Rambam

Who would have guessed that my second blog entry for The Jewish Standard would be about The Frisch School‘s bowling team? Geez, it was only a few weeks ago when the editor for my own school paper, The Struggle, asked me to write about the “Rising popularity of the boys’ bowling team,” to which my response was abruptly, “We have a bowling team?” Go figure.

Although in fact, I do have to tip my cap to the bowling team for going undefeated as they won against Rambam Mesivta High School in the Boys’ Yeshiva Bowling League Championship (which, as I soon learned, does exist).

It was an intense game on Jan. 7 as Frisch traveled to Woodmere Lanes to contest the Rambam bowlers. The championship was decided through a 2-game matchup in which eight players from each team were split up into groups of four. The two groups from each team bowl against each other on two lanes. A team is rewarded one point for winning an individual matchup, and two points for winning a lane.

Frisch dominated in the first game to the tune of 181 by senior Noam Hirsch, and 162 by fellow senior Josh Herbert.
Rambam was down but not out as they managed to generate extraordinary pressure on Frisch in the second game. In what was positioned to be an epic comeback, Rambam’s three final bowlers finished with two strikes in each of their final two frames.

“It was really close,” said Frisch team captain Nathan Chapman. “All we needed was to win five individual matchups … but we only got three.”
Frisch’s last resort relied on winning at least one of the two lanes, rather than the individual matchups. With the help of an inspirational speech by team MVP, Dani “Big Papi” Brodstein, the Frisch Cougars flourished in the end, winning a lane and a championship.

Reflecting on their memorable season, Chapman recalls telling last year’s team captains about his insecurities regarding this year’s team. He remembers saying that this team had “no chance” due to their excess of freshmen and a new coach. Boy, did the captain throw a gutter ball with that one.


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