Frisch scores at the last second

Frisch scores at the last second

On the evening of Saturday, Nov. 21, The Ramaz School basketball team – riding a 20-game winning streak, not including its multiple tournament victories – was defeated by the Frisch Cougars 41-40.

With 1:18 left on the clock, Ramaz led by the score of 38-37 with control of the ball. The hundreds in the crowd felt that a Ramaz basket now would signify the end of the game for Frisch. But then, Eitan Potash stripped the ball from Max Felstein and took it to the hoop for 2. Ramaz answered quickly with a layup, and the Frisch team found itself in a deep hole, desperate for a score.

Yaakov Douek brought the ball up the court for Frisch, looking for a hole to penetrate. He split two defenders but then got stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey. With 2 second left, the ball got knocked loose right into the hands of Frisch center Judah Schulman who then Jew-dunked (hit a layup) to win the game.

The buzzer sounded and the crowd stormed the court for Frisch had defeated the world Yeshiva champions.

“After I hit the shot, I quickly got back on defense,” Schulman said. “Everything was moving so fast – I didn’t realize the game was over until I was mauled by my teammates and then the crowd. I had won it.”
The highlights for Frisch can be found here:

Frisch travels to Ramaz for a rematch tonight.

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