Freedom for Pollard

Freedom for Pollard

I applaud your November 1 editorial about Jonathan Pollard (“Hypocrisy comes in from the cold”). Unfortunately, I suspect that the editorial will do nothing to secure his freedom, just as the letters that I and many others have composed have had no effect.

What we need is for Jewish organizations to come together to organize mass demonstrations in Washington, week after week. It is a disgrace that we, members of the Jewish community, who believe that “If you save one person you save the world,” apparently do not ascribe to that idea when it comes to Mr. Pollard. Perhaps people should think how they would feel about the reaction of the Jewish community if they or a loved one were in Mr. Pollard’s shoes.

Furthermore, the juxtaposition of your comments about Mr. Pollard with your “Setting murderers free, part two” (November 1) is very telling. It is obvious that we cannot rely on Israel to fight on Mr. Pollard’s behalf. It is hard to believe that 104 Palestinian prisoners, many of whom have killed, maimed, and injured Jews, are released from prison, but one Jew, a spy for Israel, cannot be release as part of the deal, after 28 years in solitary confinement.

I fear that the world laughs at us, while God cries.