Fort Lee visa

Fort Lee visa

I agree wholeheartedly with the editorial assessment of the bridge scandal (“Leaders and bridges,” January 17) and I look forward to its denouement. However, I would like to comment on the subtly ironic statement that the access road is not “a road you need a Fort Lee visa to be allowed to drive.”

Au contraire.

In my decades-long work commute across the bridge via Route 4, I have discovered several efficient short cuts. The main one that I use on bad traffic days cuts right through Main Street; however, if traffic is particularly bad, the Fort Lee cops set up cones and don’t allow access to it. On one particularly frustrating morning a few years ago, when I saw that some drivers were getting access and I was being turned away, I respectfully approached the traffic cop and he actually asked me for written proof of residency in Fort Lee. I was furious. Don’t I pay taxes in Bergen County and should I not have access to all public county and local roads? Apparently not, according to the Fort Lee powers that be.