Forget the free stuff

Forget the free stuff

As a Democrat, I respect Ari Fleischer’s point of view (“It’s Ari’s party,” October 11). He represents a part of the Republican Party that virtually no longer exists.

However, I cannot understand Rabbi Pruzansky, particularly his asking “How do you compete against the free stuff?” Not only does this show his lack of compassion – it also shows his lack of understanding of those who are in true need of “free stuff.” Obviously Rabbi Pruzansky has never been to a job fair.

If he were to go to one, he would find people desperately seeking employment. Yes, these people are receiving unemployment benefits – they paid into the fund for it – and in some cases food stamps. I guarantee that every one them would give up all the “free stuff” for one of those jobs at the fair.

Yes, there are people who game the system. We all know that. This has been going on since the first free loaf of bread was given out. We do not need Rabbi Pruzansky to point it out.

Rabbi Pruzansky, please visit one these job fairs, and, by the way, stop by a Veterans hospital. Maybe this will temper your view on going to war with Iran.