Firebomb Victim Miraculously Moving Forward

Firebomb Victim Miraculously Moving Forward

Twelve year old Ayala Shapira just celebrated her bat mitzvah on Sunday, June 7th. This was certainly a milestone for her considering the horrific trauma terrorist attack she has endured. Not only did she have a bat mitzvah but with a lot of determination, she climbed Jerusalem's Temple Mount as well! Check out this special Voice of Israel interview of Dov Lipman and Ayala's Grandfather.

Ayala Shapira is a survivor of a horrific terrorist attack that left her with severe burns to 40 percent of her body and face. A molotov cocktail was thrown at a car where she and her father were in. Her father was injured as well.

Thanks to the Sheba Medical Center’s Tel Hashomer Burn Unit, she is on the road to recovery. But it’s a very long road.

The Friends of Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer Hospital have collected money, cards, and drawings for her. Schools have also gotten involved.

For more information on donating toward Ayala’s recovery click here.

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