Finances with some fun

Finances with some fun

Marla Cohen is a freelance writer. She lives in Rockland County.

For women thinking, “new year, new you,” Feminomics Presents: Makeover 2013 will provide an afternoon of financial savvy combined with a little pampering.

The event brings together two beauty experts who will help participants put their best foot forward on Sunday, Feb. 10 from 2-4 p.m. Organized by Lisa Kaess, an economist and financial consultant, who invited two beauty experts, Eline Surianello and Cindy Joseph, to come on board. There will be light refreshments, a tour of the LeMetric “Beauty Bus” and a free consultation.

Surinello is owner of LeMetric Hair and Beauty Center in Manhattan, which specializes in custom hair systems for women experience hair loss or thinning. Joseph, creator of Boom Cosmetics, is a former make-up artist who had a late-life modeling career. She created the cosmetic line to appeal to women of all ages.

Kaess launched Feminomics last year as a way to offer financial advice to women and families. She had long been encouraged by friends to do one-on-one counseling because they said she had a knack for explaining complex money issues.

“I really feel there is a need for women in general and families in particular who are having difficulty today, who might not have the kind of money that interests large financial institutions,” she said. “How do they get an understanding of money basics that make an impact on their lives.”

Kaess launched Feminomics last year with a series of talks in Nyack, focusing on women and local businesses. She made some short videos and a short film about women business owners weathering the recession called “Grace Under Fire,” and is currently developing a television pilot.

She wanted to take the idea of coupling financial wisdom with a bit of fun to a new level, and is in the process of planning a quarterly series of Feminomics programs for 2013. The program at the JCC is the first, but Kaess intends to take her show on the road, with programs in the New York City and other locations as well.

While she’s not saying anything specific about upcoming events, she expects a spring one to focus on the home. So she’ll be there, offering financial advice about mortgages and home financing and will likely have on hand an interior designer and a landscaper or garden designer.

“I’m not trying to turn anyone into accountants or financial professionals, but help them use money in service of their lives,” she said. “It’s about what your goals are and what do you need and can we teach you the money skills to improve the life that you have.”

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