Finally, a kosher grocery store in Teaneck

Finally, a kosher grocery store in Teaneck

Earlier this year, Shop Rite in Paramus redesigned its kosher section, putting in a kosher butcher and fish department (bother under the OU) and adding in a lot of baked goods from Zadie’s in Fair Lawn. Pathmark last year added a kosher bakery under the Kof-K (dairy, in case you were wondering). And news kids on the block Whole Foods and Fairway have a variety of frozen products and Fairway has a certified kosher bakery. And then there’s Stop & Shop, the only grocery chain in Teaneck.

Bergen County has a lot of Jews. And Teaneck is the unofficial Jewish capital of the county, which led The New York Times a few years ago to dub it “the Jerusalem of the west.” I have lost count of how many synagogues Teaneck has – the number is in the high 20s if not 30s. Restaurants? Also number somewhere in the 20s and more are slated to open this month. Kosher grocery stores? Four depending on your definition. So one would think that Stop & Shop would have a massive kosher section instead of its sparse packages of Empire chicken and Meal Mart meat. Granted, the store did expand its dry goods and frozen sections last year but offered nothing that you could not find at any of the nearby kosher marts.

Well, Stop & Shop closed its doors recently for a major expansion. The Big Lipowsky received the following e-mail today:

Good evening, We at Stop and Shop in Teaneck are presently closed and are going through a remodel. We would like to show you some of the exciting improvements, that have taken place here over the last couple of weeks. Several departments have had the amount of Kosher foods that we carry sigificantly increased. We will also have our own in store Kosher bakery. The bakery will be under the supervision of Rabbi Ian Schaeffer. We would like to invite everyone to an informal “store tour” on Thursday night, Nov. 12, from 5pm to 6pm. We would like to show you the areas that we have expanded. Our store information is below;

Stop & Shop Supermarket
665 American Legion Drive
Teaneck, N.J. 07666.
201- 287-9400

We are looking forward to seeing you then.

Thank You, Ed Smith- Store Manager

A new kosher bakery? Will it be dairy like Pathmark’s? Will it provide more competition for nearby Butterflake? I for one will be there on Nov. 12 to check out this new kosher scene and see if it lives up to expectations. Stay tuned.

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