Fierce grace

Fierce grace

“First of all, she is an incredibly kind and nice person,” Irwin Kula said. “That’s really important when you are doing a combination of community building and network building and carrying on a very significant conversation about paradigm shifts and communal transformation.”

Moreover, he said, “she has a kind of fierce grace.

“You have to be able to challenge people. If you are not fierce enough, the challenge falls flat. If you don’t have enough grace, then all you do is make people angry. It’s a very delicate balance.

“You can come up with ideas, but if they’re not embedded within people, they’re not really important, no matter how important they are. If you don’t connect people to each other, all you have is great ideas. She understands the intersection between ideas and people.

“There is a balance between ambition and cooperation,” he said. “Hers are in line. Somehow, for her, cooperation doesn’t undermine her ambition, and her ambition doesn’t undermine her ability to cooperate.

“When you are around her, the chances are you’re going to flourish a little bit more.”

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