Faults Amar on conversion bill

Faults Amar on conversion bill

Rabbi Shlomo Amar’s extraordinary lack of understanding and arrogance permeating his Sept. 10 piece entitled “In opposing conversion bill, U.S. Jews practice hypocrisy, hurt Israel” is exemplified by his statements that Conservative and Reform leaders “have improperly intervened on the Rotem bill” because it “affects only Israelis and not American Jews. The bill has no impact outside of Israel.”

By that reasoning, American Jews should not make any contributions to Israeli causes or charities that benefit only Israelis, nor should we lobby our government to support Israel as we do not live there and, therefore, are not directly impacted by policies towards Israel.

What Rabbi Amar does not comprehend, or, perhaps, what he chooses to ignore, is that we Jews are one people and while we may live in different areas, we are bound together in a single community. Our common ties are our greatest strength and the reason for our survival.