Execute terrorists

Execute terrorists

I am not a supporter of capital punishment in modern society because in my opinion, it is not possible to deliver genuine and just due process to all accused – which, of course, is demanded by Torah law.

Acknowledging the risk of being accused of illogic and contradictory thinking, my intense emotions force me to make an exemption in the case of the jihadist monsters who were released to redeem Gilad Shalit. In my mind, they are not to be classified as human beings. I place them in the same category as the Nazi demons who were executed at Nuremberg.

Since Israel spares the lives of these demons, she demeans herself, all Jews, and all humanity. If she demeans herself by sparing their lives, how can one expect the legions of anti-Semites to do less?

I urge that all terrorists with Israeli blood on their hands that were released in the Shalit deal be informed that their lives are forfeit. They should be hunted down and killed. I urge that Israel apply capital punishment to all those who will be legitimately convicted of terrorist murder when their appeals have run their course.

In addition, I urge that all such terrorist murderers currently in Israeli prisons who have been given life imprisonment have their sentences changed to the death penalty. I fully understand how controversial this suggestion is. However, I firmly believe that they have forfeited their right to life.

They should not be kept alive in Israeli jails where they can be used as motivation for further jihadist atrocities.