E-mail Rules Your Mother Never Told You…

E-mail Rules Your Mother Never Told You…

…nor your father. But, I’m telling you that you must follow these rules to use e-mail effectively. What’s more, if you don’t, you’ll lose business, friends, respect, time and who knows what else.

1. Spell-check – every e-mail, always. Every text message, too. Sure, we’re using technology for faster, often more informal communication. But if you send ANY message with a typo, you look dumb.

2. Proof – spell-check is not enough. You know the drill; the word may be spelled properly but it may be the wrong word.

3. Address sensitive e-mails after you’ve written them – you don’t want to send a message accidentally until you’re absolutely sure you want to send it.

4. Use the Drafts box – sometimes it pays to tuck a message away for awhile. You may change your mind or at least some text.

5. Always respond to e-mails – There is an epidemic today involving a lack of responsiveness. Maybe it’s because we get so many messages and we’re just so busy. But, set yourself apart and answer e-mails; you’ll be known for your consideration and it will differentiate you.

Follow these rules and, yes, there are others. Feel free to send them in, and I’ll add more in later blogs.