Don’t be silent re ‘silence’

Don’t be silent re ‘silence’

Thank you for highlighting the online campaign to convince the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to dedicate a moment of silence to the 11 slain Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. The Jewish Community Center Movement is deeply involved in this effort. JCC Association has made a tribute to those fallen Israeli athletes a highpoint of every JCC Maccabi Games since 1995, and now our 2012 host community, JCC Rockland, has dedicated its JCC Maccabi Games to the Munich 11.

One minute of silence is very little to ask since the IOC has been silent for 40 years. We urge your readers to share this link ( on their home page, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and everywhere else.

Let us finally get the Munich 11 the acknowledgement and respect they deserve from the international sports community.

The JCC Association Board of Directors and the Continental Governing Board of the JCC Maccabi Games is grateful to JCC Rockland for making this issue a centerpiece of their Games, and we deeply appreciate your editorial informing your readers of the same.