Dislikes Noshes quote, likes Sarah Palin

Dislikes Noshes quote, likes Sarah Palin

While “Lashon hara and the news” (editiorial, July 31) bemoans the recent political sting operation in New Jersey and notes our status as perhaps the “most corrupt of the 50 states,” you conveniently forgot to note that nearly every one of the politicians involved was from the Democratic Party. That’s the danger of one-party rule, for which New Jersey may be the poster child.

But, undeterred, your paper still finds the time to take yet another gratuitous swipe at former Gov. Sarah Palin.

From your “Noshes” page, the highlighted item at the top of the page, we find this quote from a recent New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, attributed to Republican strategist Mike Murphy (who?): “If Sarah Palin looked like Golda Meir, would we even be talking about her today?”

What a vile, sexist, and anti-woman item to reprint in your paper. In an issue of The Jewish Standard that dealt with the unfortunate chillul HaShem that included many area religious figures, this “Nosh” item, so to speak, is a serious ethical stain against your publication as well.

I thought we were to respect women for what they had to say and contribute to the public discourse and not focus on something as superficial as their looks.

How sadly ironic that when this “looker” Sarah Palin was scheduled to address the anti-Ahmadenijad rally last fall in New York, she had to be stopped from making her remarks. Numerous liberal Jewish organizations at the behest of Democratic Party operatives insisted that she be disinvited and she was, in an act of profound chutzpah.

Now if she truly was just another pretty face and had nothing of substance to contribute, what would have been the harm in letting her speak?

But the point is, she had a lot to say, and it was a shame that her strong pro-Israel remarks were not allowed to be heard at that rally. Much to your chagrin though, I’m sure, Ms. Palin will not be silenced and will continue to be much more than “just another pretty face” on the national scene in the years ahead. With the present sorry state of the union (talk about one-party rule!) and the world, we need her voice more than ever.

Editor’s note: Mike Murphy is a writer and Republican political consultant who has advised John McCain, Mitt Romney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jeb Bush. Here is a link to the original Palin-Meir comment: http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/washingtondc/la-na-palin-gop13-2009jul13,0,2642211.story.