Disappointed in Israel coverage

Disappointed in Israel coverage

I cannot tell you how disappointed I was with the slant of several articles as well as the letters to the editor. It was not in keeping with your usual attitude vis-a-vis Israel and Jews in general. I am referring to the last issue.

First, for giving a forum to the lies and misinformation spouted by Salam Al-Marayatic, who would like nothing better than to pull the wool over our eyes. He pretends to stand for mercy, justice, peace, freedom, and equality [but] nowhere does he explain, let alone apologize, for the Palestinians’ behavior and that of other Muslim adherents in sponsoring terrorism. He does not mention the suicide bombers and other terrorists who have taken the lives of innocent human beings in Israel and other countries. Thousands upon thousands have been killed or maimed for life. But he would like us all to just forget about that and continue to appease the Arabs.

Thank God Israel now has a strong leader in Netanyahu. We pray that he will not be forced to knuckle under the continuous pressure of Pres. Obama, who has no clue as to the history of Israel and who wants only to appease our enemies. I am waiting to see what steps he will take in the face of the nuclear threat from Iran. He has given us words; now we need deeds, action.

As for J-Street, they are not on the side of Israel. Who are they? What are they? What gives them the right or the chutzpah to think they know what is good for Israel?

The only one of the letters that had it right was the one that understood that John Bolton is a friend to Israel and that Pres. Clinton never was. Nor, may I add, is Hillary Clinton.