Disagree, don’t silence

Disagree, don’t silence

Please let me state my exception to the article regarding the campaign against J Street by Dr. Charles Jacobs and others. (“Taking the J Street Challenge,” September 12.)

First of all, I have several differences with J Street. I feel they are living in the ’90s, not today, ignoring the changes brought about by the Intifada and subsequent incitement as well as use of civilian shields by Hamas. However, they do deserve a seat at the table within the Jewish community.

Secondly, rather than talking about ideas, Dr. Jacobs attacks George Soros, the alleged mastermind of so-called left. This mirrors the attacks on Sheldon Adelson by the political left. This is a block to serious dialogue.

Thirdly, the existence of J Street does some good. Its opposition to BDS is the most effective means of combatting it within certain liberal church and political groups. It will also pull Israeli advocacy to the center – it has moved to the right.

Fourthly, Dr. Charles Jacobs and company have their own agenda. They are supporters of a Greater Israel (an Israel which stretches from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River) and a reoccupation of Gaza.

That is their right. Advocacy is one thing. Silencing others is something else.