Devout Jewish women drop epic hip-hop track

Devout Jewish women drop epic hip-hop track

Franciska & the Halelu Hip Hop Troupe

Note from the artist: “A note about myself — my name is Franciska and I’m a music performer and Orthodox woman. Composing ‘New Music to Ancient Texts’ is what I do, so while on one hand, my faith inspires me, it throws obstacles at me when it comes to sharing my voice.

“The video was filmed in Israel and in the US (I gave birth just a few
days after filming my part), and is a song about redemption, released
especially for Chanukah. Strong women are at the very heart of the
Chanukah story — most notably, Judith, daughter of the high priest Yochanan, single-handedly killed the enemy general Holofernes who had besieged the Jews in the city of Bethulia, thus saving the city from sure

“The song draws on the words of Psalm 102:14.”

If you like this, you can download the entire album at…

“Thank you to Raquella Raiz ,Imbar Marshal and all the dancers from Halelu Hip Hop Troupe in Jerusalem for collaborating on this amazing project. This is our Chanuka Gift to you! Follow Raquella on Instagram

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