Deplores letter on Lieberman

Deplores letter on Lieberman

A disturbing trend in political debate is the demonizing of people with different views.

In Israel, the word “traitor” was a common term used to describe political enemies. I remember that Prime Ministers Rabin, Barak, Sharon, and even Netanyahu were called traitors. Disgusting behavior and rhetoric!

A current example of such behavior in America is an Aug. 29 letter by Janice Rubin, “Says Lieberman no moral voice.” Rubin is against the Iraqi war. (Her other reasons were petty and trivial.) She certainly is entitled to her opinion but is that a reason to question the morality of Sen. Lieberman and to characterize him as a Jewish “Uncle Tom”: “Poor Joe Lieberman parades his Orthodoxy as morality, but he comes across as one of those fearful Jews who will do anything, say anything … just so the anti-Semites will think of him as ‘one of the good ones.'” What utter nonsense! How does Sen. Lieberman’s politics please or displease the anti-Semites?

One does not have to agree with all or any of Lieberman’s politics to realize that Senator Lieberman is and has always been a moral, distinguished, respected, and honorable person. All Americans, especially Jewish-Americans (even Janice Rubin) can and should be proud of Sen. Joe Lieberman.